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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Antique Engagement Ring

Purchasing An Antique Engagement Ring
Executive Summary About Antique Engagement Ring By Jennifer Waller

antique engagement ringsBuying an antique engagement ring is definitely not your daily event and could be the most amazing jewelry buy a couple will actually possess. Not simply are you purchasing something that will create special meaning to your relationship, but also you are creating a great expense as the value of an antique engagement ring increases over time.

There are numerous variations among modern and antique jewelry. For instance, an antique diamond indicates it was cut manually and often has a cut that's no more used or very uncommon. A few of these cuts range from the old mine cut or the cushion cut. These styles were created in a way in order to find the light of a candle.

Newer diamonds don't carry out this. This could create a antique engagement ring settingscandlelight dinner much more romantic not like modern diamond cuts that will only shine in harsh electric light. Some other diamond cuts presented on antique engagement rings are Rose, Ascher, and emerald cuts. Despite the fact that any ring created before 1950 is categorized as an antique, most antique rings can be categorized under one of five main periods. These periods include The Georgian period (1760-1837), the Victorian period (1835-1900), the Art Nouveau period (1890-1919), the Art Deco period (1920-1935), and the Art Retro period (1930-1950).

emerald antique engagement ringsRings from all these periods can be found on the antique jewelry market. In each and every period, there is something unique around the design of the ring. When buying antique diamond engagement rings, it is best to use an evaluator to ensure the ring is genuine and not just something which is comparable in look to an antique ring. While these rings can always have value since they consist of expensive metals and gemstones, you aren't having the historic value that you would if you decide to purchase an authentic antique engagement ring.


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