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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Marquise Engagement Rings

Some Issues to Consider When Shopping for Marquise Engagement Rings
Executive Summary About Marquise Engagement Rings By Mark McKee

marquise engagement ringFor the lady who really wants to lengthen the look off her fingers would do well to think about marquise engagement rings. These brilliant-cut stones also maximize carat dimension to give the impression the stones are usually larger than they are really. This design of engagement bands makes a powerful statement for those that gaze upon t while that rests on her finger.

This extended and slim stone includes a colorful and romantic historical past. Let's return in time for you to 18th century France, marquise diamond engagement ringsexactly where King Louis Fourteen requested their jewelers create a diamond to duplicate the smile of their sweetheart, the actual lovely Marquee de Pompadour. The actual points about either finish of the actual marquise cut repeat the corners of the Lady's mouth. The King was happy, and who is able to blame him or her? He guaranteed the love of his / her woman and also gave the entire world a most incredible new adornment.

marquise cut engagement ringsThere are a few issues to take into account when looking for marquise engagement rings. First, many think this stone is greatest displayed together with additional stones or baguettes upon either part. Barring in which, a wedding band that systems around diamonds is a distinctive way to show off this unique cut regarding diamond.

Also, the proportion of the marquise-cut diamond may differ. It can be quite thin as well as long, or even slightly rounded. Many jewelry retailers believe one of the most elegant percentages is the length-to-width percentage of one.75 to 2.25. Your diamond expert can demonstrate a selection of stones in this realm.

This diamonds cut keep a stone that is actually multi-faceted and in contrast to other slashes, the marquise cut shows a special "bow-tie" impact when gentle enters the particular facets as well as dances round the spectrum associated with color. For the woman who wishes to produce wispy, long marquise diamond engagement ringfingers as well as a remarkable stone to fit, marquise engagement rings needs to be high to be with her list regarding options.

Let's face facts -- buying a diamond engagement ring is one from the most important purchases that you will ever make.