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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring : The Best Option
Executive Summary About Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring By Elliot M. Y.

emerald cut diamond engagement ringAlthough the recognition of diamond engagement rings is often determined through the trends from the fashion world or the actual styles normally seen about the celebrities acquiring engaged throughout the year, some diamond rings have been able to withstand the ages and constantly remain a classic staple.

Although the emerald-cut (also referred to as "table-cut" or "step-cut") was initially created for the emerald stone, it rapidly became a popular style in the world of diamond rings as well due emerald cut diamond engagement ringstowards the classic nature of the design. Diamonds that are emerald-cut feature a rectangular shape with the corners somewhat cut. This particular style of engagement ring is regarded as part from the "step-cut" family, since the facets from the stone look similar in order to flat stairs carved to the surface of it. Step-cut diamond bands often place a number of styles, whether it be set like a single solitaire or accented with side stones. Diamonds which are emerald cut diamonds engagement ringsstep-cut tend to appear best on women who've long fingers, as they help to elongate the great thing about the stone.

Many celebrities have proven their love for the emerald cut diamond engagement ring and helped to boost the popularity of the style. When Dax Shepard suggested to his leading lady, Kristen Bell, he went with a 3 carat step-cut diamond engagement ring. The band features a fancy center stone, flanked with small white diamond accents on each side. Also sporting an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring is celebrity, Jaime Pressly. Simran Singh offered Pressly using the engagement band that features the emerald-cut center stone accented with encircling pave expensive diamonds.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings exude a classical emerald cut engagement ringsand timeless style. Although this type of diamond rings showcases to a lesser extent overall brilliance than other kinds, they exude more sensations of color as the light is reflected through all of them. Step-cut diamond rings are certain to be a popular for years to come.