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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Filigree engagement rings

Hand-crafted filigree engagement rings

 Executive summary about filigree engagement rings by Caroline K

Many people’s hearts has captured by the intricate, elaborate and elegant of filigree engagement rings. Filigree can give the ring a briliant sparkle and a complexity that would difficult to match with any other style of engagement ring. There are a lot of reason why filigree engagement rings are a popular choice for engagement rings. Filigree jewelry has along story.

filigree engagement ring

Making filigree engagement rings involves very thin threads of metal into patterns and designs. Filigree work has been practiced for thousands of years. You can find examples of this type of metal working in Ancient Egypt. During the Edwardian era, filigree became very popular, when glamor and intricate designs were popular. 

 princess cut engagement rings

Filigree engagement rings have a unique allure to them. With these Filigree engagement rings, the emphasis is away from the gemstone. The gemstones are fitted in as one part of the over all design that giving these rings a very balanced appearance. Their complexity, glamor, and the level of skill that goes into making the filigree pattern can make the woman wearing one feel like royalty. These Filigree engagement rings often have a very delicate appearance, due to the slender threads of metal. 

antique engagement rings
So, where can you get real, filigree engagement rings? unfortunately in modern times, not many jewelers have mastered the art of filigree work. Nowadays, Filigree rings can be mass produced using today's technology, but many people feel that something is lost. Finding a custom-made filigree engagement ring is possible, you can still find jewelers who know how to do filigree work. Another choice is to look for an antique filigree ring. Jewelers from the early 1900s or earlier were often very skilled at filigree work, and produced some fine pieces of art.

Filigree engagement rings are the perfect choice if you want a beautiful ring that is a work of art as well as a symbol of your love.


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